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Our cloud-based approach to facility management minimizes the time between service request and service completion. OnSite allows you to tailor your service program to the level of responsibility, control and cost that serves your needs best.


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Embracing Diversity to Drive Facilities and Business Success
With Jaclyn Frenzel, President at OnSite

This episode features an interview with Jaclyn Frenzel, President at OnSite, a facility maintenance company that utilizes a cloud-based approach to achieve cost-reducing, effective solutions for multi-site facility service needs. With over 13 years at the company, two years as President, Jaclyn’s priority lies in building an efficient organization staffed with business development, sales, marketing, and support professionals. Her notable achievements include directing strategic marketing campaigns, mobilizing operations teams and facilities program deployment. On this episode, Jaclyn delves deep into what brands find most important when it comes to facilities management, the importance of bringing diversity to the table in any business scenario, and how to best attract and retain talent in a post-pandemic world.


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